Monday, May 10, 2010

Injecting VNC Server into a remote Windows Server

I had a strange issue today, a Windows 2008 server, with broken RDP , no way for me to get to a desktop screen of it to fix. Here is a quick little solution to inject a VNC Server into the machine to allow you to get some access.

You WILL need at the very least:

IP Address
Username with admin rights

So undertake the following:

1. Download and install a full install of UltraVNC (do not startup and services) - UltraVNC Download

2. Download a package called "Fastpush" to C:\fastpush - Fastpush 8a Download

3. Edit the c:\fastpush\fp8a.cmd file and change the following line to point to the correct path:

set fplocation=C:\fastpush

4. run c:\fastpush\utils\vncenc.exe to create a password:

C:\fastpush\utils>vncenc.exe password
Password = REG_BINARY 0x00000008 0xfd3cd8db 0x58147a72

5. Copy the whole output line and paste into both c:\fastpush\common\machine.ini and c:\fastpush\common\vnc4.ini

6. Run the fastpush injection/installation:

fp8a.cmd /vnc /user DOMAIN\administrator password /log /noshortcut /firewall /noview


/vnc = install VNC server
/user = username/password
/log = log results to c:\fastpush\results.txt
/noshortcut = dont create shortcuts for the VNC server installation on target machine
/firewall = install a firewall exception for the VNC Server on target machine
/noview = do not install VNC viewing tools on target machine

Thats it, use the UltraVNC viewer to now login to your server !

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