Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tool of the Day: pkg-get for Solaris 10

Package management in Solaris 10 is less than stellar, with no automated system such as apt-get, ports, portage or yum like linux distro's, but I found a FreeBSD-like portinstall package called pkg-get. It allows installation of packages from a web repository and is compatible with the Solaris pkgadd system.

To install pkg-get use the folowing command.

"pkgadd -d".

edit the mirror url using.

"vi /opt/csw/etc/pkg-get.conf" and changing the default site url to.

url= (This is Ireland's repository - closest one for SA)

run "pkg-get -U" to update catalog.

pkg-get is now ready.

"pkg-get -a |grep package" to find the desired packages, then:

"pkg-get -i packagename" to install it.

Very simple and powerful, even allows upgrading of the complete CSW subsystem in Solaris.

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