Monday, June 8, 2009

Tool of the Day: DGTeam firmware for Netgear DG834 series routers

keywords: netgear, dg834, firmware, dgteam

Found a great tool which increased stability on my router (DG834PN), as well as including about 100 features not seen on the standard firmware - even SNR increase/reduction to affect speed/stability.

You can grab the firmware for most of the 834 series routers here:


I did this on a DG834 straight router, connection speeds (synchronised ADSL) went from 2908Kbps to 3824Kbps - On the SAME LINE !! No connection drops - 34 hours on the same PPPoE session.

Highly Recommended


  1. Which version did you use on the DG834? The website you pointed to says 0850 is the latest release, but all the downloads for the DG834 seem to be version 0849 only.

  2. I used the 0849 release, still in use at the moment with good success...

    I think the compiled 0850 releases will start surfacing soon..